where has this month gone?..

I didn’t think I was busy, but apparently I was. Because it’s closer to the end of March than the beginning, and I haven’t posted since the 1st.  I’ve had more than a handful of topics come to mind that I wanted to write about, and yet the words never found their way here.

Wish I could say it’s all because of the fabulously exciting life I’m having. Unfortunately, it’s really because of this pesky little thing called work that takes up much of my time. Andwork is one place that I do try to keep this persona separate from real life, so no logging in to do a blog post while I’m there.

I did have a fabulous time last weekend getting together with a huge group of friends. It’s so much fun catching up with old friends I haven’t seen in months, meeting new friends that I’ve only previously known online, and just being able to soak up all the positivity this bunch exudes. It’s odd, because I am an introvert, and large crowds typically drain me. But there’s something about an SI get-together that fills my tank. I’m not even sure which tank it is, maybe it’s my soul. Doesn’t much matter, though, as long as it happens.

This weekend has been more about indulging myself at home. As part of my month-long birthday celebration, I ordered (for myself) a mini-cheesecake tart pan. It was delivered on Friday. So of course today I just had to make brownie/cheesecake bites.

I have to say the pan worked out great. The only issue I have with it is it only makes 12 mini cheesecakes at a time. The recipe I used made double that. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering another pan soon. Happy birthday to me! lol

Oh, and I made it through what would have been my wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Can’t say I didn’t think about it, because obviously I did. I didn’t dwell on it, but it did pop into my head for a few minutes that day. Mostly, it’s just odd. It feels weird to have this date that once used to mean so much to me, that I found out in an incredibly painful way that it didn’t mean much to now-ex, and now is just another ordinary day in the year.

Maybe one year I’ll make it through the day without realizing what day it used to be…


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