music Monday

There’s two for today, but let me just warn you now, especially if you’re finding me from The 1st song is very likely going to trigger you. It is heartbreaking. In fact, I posted over on SI, in response to someone else posting about this song, that if it had come out 4-5 years ago, it would have made me curl up into a ball and sob.

But, it’s so dead on. I remember the days where all I could think was “just say something. say anything.” And I got…nothing. So I gave up. I gave up on believing that my then-husband was the man I thought he was. I gave up believing my marriage could be repaired. I gave up believing that the husband I loved, loved me back.

And then, the most amazing thing happened. I started to heal, and put my life back together. I met someone new, and discovered what it’s like to be truly loved, for all of me. And yeah, he thinks that even when I’m crying, I’m beautiful, too.



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