today’s question…

what annoys you the most about your job?

It’s a new job. There should be nothing (yet) that annoys me. but I picked this question for today because I had already been thinking about doing a post about this new job. Yeah, I was ready to whine already.


I don’t hate the job. But other than the much nicer paycheck, there’s not a whole lot of positive to say here. Most of the people seem nice. Then there’s the few who aren’t. At least they’re not hostile all the time, but damn, they sure are moody. And negative. Draining.

And then there’s having to answer the phone. That would be the most annoying part of the job, to me. And there’s nothing I can do about that, seeing as that’s the key responsibility of the job.

And have I mentioned that the industry I’m now working in, I find dull. As in, incredibly dull. As in, it makes me yawn almost constantly.

Must keep my eyes on the paycheck. That at least should keep me from falling asleep…


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