is October over yet?…

Geez, has this month been stressful! I’ve been in not one, but two car wrecks, neither of which was my fault. At least for the 2nd one, I was still driving the rental from the 1st wreck, and my car didn’t get crunched again. The poor rental did though. And it happened on a weekend so I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get a replacement rental on a Sunday, because I was starting my new job on Monday.

Yeah, because starting a new job wasn’t stressful enough as is.

On the bright side, I wasn’t hurt in either wreck, and my son who was with me in the rental wreck is fine, too. That’s what’s really important. And I now have my car back. And I survived the first week at the new job.

Still not really sure if it’s the job for me in the long run, but it’s a good next step up. Well, it’ll look good on my resume lol. The salary is considerably better, and the job should be less stressful because there’s not a lot of real responsibilities. The people? eh, still trying to figure out who’s who, never mind what everyone’s quirks are. And still trying to figure out how safe it is to be me there. Not that I’m not being me, but there’s parts of me I don’t share with just anyone. Not unless I’m writing quasi-anonymously on the internet, that is. lol

So, here is me sharing that I really, really want this month to be over. I really, really want to spend time with my boyfriend. I really, really want to never be in another car accident, ever. And I really, really want this new job to turn out better than I expect it to, because I’m tired of doing the job search thing every year. I’m tired of being undervalued and underappreciated in the workplace because I don’t have a lot of recent experience on my resume. Hello, what I’ve done during the time I wasn’t collecting a paycheck counts, and counts a lot. I know the descriptions don’t translate well into an office setting, but the skills will. And do. I am the type of employee bosses should really want to have. I am that awesome.

And modest, too. Let’s not forget that. 😛


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