really men, do you need to be such horndogs?

and before you jump on my case, I know it’s not all men. It may not even be most men. Or if it is, men of a certain (younger) age have figured out how to cover it up much better than say, the old horndogs. Or the young guys ignore me because I’m way past their target age range. But I’m telling you, if I encounter one more old guy on the bike/running path who thinks it’s somehow okay to stare at my chest as he jogs on by, I’m gonna have to hurt someone.

And just so you know, I am not some 20, or even 30-something young thing letting it all hang out as she exercises. We’re talking serious sports bra, no cleavage showing, covered up by a shirt.

Then you have to add in the oh, so attractive bike helmet, and red face dripping with sweat, because I am not a person who is in shape right now. I just started riding my bike again after a year or more of not riding.

I don’t get it.

My boyfriend has tried to explain it to me. He likes to use the word magnificent a lot when describing certain of my attributes. Some of what he says makes sense, if I was dressed up to go out and wearing my VS push-up bra.

On the bike trail, wearing “the girls ain’t going nowhere” sports bra…yeah, I still don’t get it. So, some men are just horndogs, and it’s not only unattractive, it’s damn creepy. Especially out on a bike path that’s running through a public park.

I wonder if I could still get some mace….



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