work sucks, like that’s news to anybody…

but yeah, when I disappear for a little bit, it’s most likely due to work draining the ever-loving life out of me. Hopefully I will be resolving that issue soon, but for now, sometimes I just need to hibernate when I get home, to recover from the toxicity at work.

I spent most of the Independence Day and this weekend catching up on sleep, and doing stuff around the house. Nothing big, just tackling little stuff here and there. Putting some order back into my life.

Well, I did start on one big thing, and that’s working on my budget. Woohoo, how fun. Anyway, that led to me realizing it’s time for the next 5 year plan, as I’ve done most of what was on the last one already. That’ll be a blog post of its own, though. 🙂


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