what a really, really good weekend…

My boyfriend was in town, and it’s always a good weekend when he’s here, but wow, there was a bunch of other seemingly small stuff that happened that added up to make this a really, really good weekend.

I got some honest to god compliments from both of my kids this weekend, and it was done in such an off-the-cuff manner that I knew they were genuine and sincere. It’s nice to know they really are paying attention, and are appreciative of me. They don’t always show it.

On top of that, my son who has been uncomfortable with some aspect of my boyfriend and me, was a lot more social and interactive with us this weekend. He’s a thinker, that one is, and a worrier. He has isolated himself so much over the past several years that he gets extremely uncomfortable around people he doesn’t know well. So my goal has been to get him used to having my boyfriend around, so son could see for himself what boyfriend is like, without pressuring son to instantly accept boyfriend. I want son to like boyfriend because boyfriend is an intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable man, and not just put up with him because he’s my boyfriend, kwim? Anyway, it feels like we jumped over some major hurdles this weekend, like we’ve all adjusted to the new normal, finally.

As if all that wasn’t fantastic enough on its own, I also got a phone call that I’d been hoping for a couple of months ago, but had pretty much given up on getting. If everything works out the way it should, I’ll be taking another one of those leaps out of my comfort zone and making some changes. I’m not going to say too much about it now.  I don’t want to jinx anything. But it’ll be a really good thing, not just for now but for my future.

It’s been a really good weekend. 🙂


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