I knew I needed this…

I just didn’t know how much. Over the past several days, I’ve found myself really looking forward to finding out what the next Soul Care Summer prompt is, and it’s making me want to blog every day. I’ve missed writing. More than that, I’ve missed wanting to write.

Today’s (well, yesterday’s because I’m doing this a day behind) can be found here at Brave Girls Club.

What made me feel most like myself today?

Today I went for a bike ride, the first one I’ve taken in about a year. It was a short ride, because I had to be somewhere and didn’t have much time, but I got to ride for about 30 minutes. I went farther than I thought I’d be able to, since I hadn’t ridden in so long. It made me feel good about myself. It made me feel like myself again. It was fun. And along with everything else about me that I’ve been working on this month, it reminded me that I’m a pretty terrific person. I just lost my way for a while, lately.


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