using my powers for good, not evil…

I was doing some cleaning up (aka searching through boxes for a receipt I knew I had saved, but couldn’t find) and I ran across the results from the Myers-Briggs testing I did when I went back to college several years ago.

Turns out I’m a rare and unique individual. Bet you didn’t know that, right? lol

But I am. Truly. According to several websites I looked at after finding the results again. less than 1% of the female population tests as my type.

Also according to some of these sites, I am a…(cue evil music here)…Mastermind. Yeah, I’m hearing The Brain talking to Pinky right now. 😛 My personality type probably explains why I liked that cartoon so much, too. I can relate. 😀

Except, I’d rather use my powers for good, not evil. No trying to take over the world for me, thank you very much. But ya know, if I put my mind to it…


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