the wasband and the wifetress

Well, it finally happened. Or rather, it happened several months ago and I just found out about it. Ex married the other woman. The was-band is married to the wife-tress. And I don’t care, other than to find it amusing.

One of my kids told me. He said he wasn’t sure how to tell me, that’s why he didn’t tell me when he found out. Which, btw, was after the fact. Yep, dad of the year and his new bride waited until after they got married to tell my kids about it. Which really sucks for my kids, ya know. Nothing like showing them just how important they are, to their dad.  (and nothing like having a marriage ceremony you don’t invite your kids to, even if it was just a courthouse wedding)

I really can’t believe that all those years ago I actually thought this man would be a good father for my kids. Kind of mind-boggling now. What was I thinking?

And my kid told me other things about wifetress, stuff I suspected but had no way of confirming, because my policy is not to ask my kids about what goes on at their dad’s house. But if they volunteer information and want to talk, I’ll listen. I had a great conversation with my son today. And let me just say once again how glad I am that I got off the crazy train. 🙂

Once upon a time, hearing the news about ex might have been devastating. Today, it’s just amusing. And makes me appreciate my life now, and who I have in my life, all the more.

Anyway, I think we should all join together and wish the newlyweds all the joy and happiness they deserve, don’t you? bwahahaha


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