sometimes it sucks to be grownup…

aka…doing taxes suck!

This year (well, for 2012), things are a bit more complicated than they have been. I changed jobs, I closed out an IRA, I had 2 kids in college, and I was still getting spousal support (alimony to the fed gov, and taxable) for several months in the beginning of 2012. Oh, and despite all that, my AGI is still low enough that I got to run through the EITC checklist again.

All I can say is thank you to whoever came up with tax software. I can’t begin to imagine having to do all this old-school, paper form-like. That would suck beyond belief.

The bad news is, I’m not done yet. Turns out I don’t have all the paperwork that I thought I had. Don’t know if I never got it, or I misplaced it, or what. The envelope I had in my pile of “tax stuff” did not contain what I thought it did. sigh. I’ll have to call them tomorrow and see about getting the form re-sent.

The good news is, I’ve plugged in enough info to see that I’m not going to end up paying a huge chunk o’ money because of closing the IRA. That’s a relief. I knew I’d end up owing because of that. The question was, how much, and fortunately it looks like it’s only going to be $200 or less. 😀


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