I work for a real big jerk…

yeah, I know. it shouldn’t be a surprise. but damn, this guy (big boss) just keeps sinking lower and lower on the “what does it take to be a decent human being” chart.

we have an employee who had a major health crisis almost a month ago. he still hasn’t returned to work. turns out his doctor won’t release him to return until after a specific test gets done. unfortunately, the insurance doesn’t cover it all (there’s an incredibly high deductible) and the doctor wants the uncovered portion up front, before he’ll do the test. employee does not have the thousands needed to pay up front, ya know, because he works for the same cheap-ass company that I do.

big boss gets told this today, and meets the person telling him with a completely blank stare.

no compassion

no omg that’s terrible

no what can we do to help

nothing, except a stupid blank stare, and then a comment that the employee should get a different doctor.

how do people like this look at themselves in the mirror and not see the horrible human being that the rest of us see?


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