onward, upward, moving forward…

whatever the hell you want to call it. I’m doing it, whatever it is.

I’m still cleaning up some of the “messes” left behind from either ex or the implosion of the marriage, which really amounts to the same thing. A lot of house maintenance issues should have been done years ago, but weren’t. I’ve been plugging away at them slowly, replacing appliances and so on. But that’s all been small stuff, really. I haven’t been able to deal with any of the big issues. Until now. I’m finally getting the original, ancient, decrepit AC replaced within the next couple of weeks. and woohoo, I’m actually able to pay cash for it, too. I’ve been waiting several years to be able to do this. I’m pretty stoked that I finally get to.

yeah, I know. it’s January. who the hell needs AC now, right? but hey, it’s the best time of year here for an AC to die, when you don’t need it. my fabulous AC guy can schedule the work at his convenience, depending on the weather. and when it warms up, which will be sooner rather than later, I won’t have to listen to the clunks and groans of a dying AC unit for yet another summer, wondering with each groan if it was just going to shudder and die.

I’ll admit it. I was pretty bummed when the damn thing died right before Christmas, and I realized I was going to have to replace it. but I figured out a solution, and while it took me several weeks to get to this point in my head, I’m finally realizing that things are once again working out the way they’re meant to. just because it’s not the perfect timing according to me, doesn’t mean it’s not the right time for something to happen.

apparently, I’m still needing to learn this lesson. lol



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