on the isle of misfit toys…

yep, that’s where I work. can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out. but there’s something about just about everyone at work that makes this place an isle of misfits. people are at this place because they believe they can’t find anything better.

and who knows? maybe some of them can’t.

the big boss doesn’t need to, although I doubt he’d be big boss material in a larger company. he apparently has been with this company for a very long time, is quite comfortable here, and he’s good with where he’s at.

but the rest of the people – hmm…now here’s where it becomes obvious that despite busy days at work, I still have way too much time to thing about useless stuff. lol

it seems like there’s a common thread with just about everyone I talked to.  they had a story about what desperate straights they were in when they got the job. myself included. I was desperate to not be working at old job anymore. but the other stories are a different kind of desperate – getting fired, going through a divorce after being a sahm, getting out of an abusive relationship. there was a need to take the job, any job, just to get a paycheck.

there are people working for this company who are clearly too skilled to be working here, for the amount of money they are paid. then there are those who, equally as clearly, have stuck with the position they have because it’s as good as they think they’re going to get. sometimes, they are the same people.

I’d always intended for this job to be a stepping stone towards something better. I’m having problems realizing that some people don’t think that way. otoh, there’s probably a couple of those people who think this job is as good as they can get who are correct.

I guess, in the meantime, being the least of the misfits isn’t such a bad thing…



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