such a different work week…

it’s only been a week but already old job seems like it was so long ago.

in the past week, I have learned what it’s like to get enforced breaks twice a day, and also how very nice it is to have an entire hour for lunch, completely away from my work area. I’ve also gotten my 1st paycheck already, for this week. I didn’t expect to get one until the mid-September pay date, because of the pay period schedule I saw in my new employee packet, but apparently salaried employees get paid on a different schedule. hey, works for me! 😀

and it feels like I’m fitting in well, too. the other women in the office seem very happy that I’m there, and 2 of them did that “remember that thing that happened a couple of weeks ago?..” to me, and I was like “ah, no, only been here this week” and they seemed surprised to remember I was new. lol

this job is still going to be a stop along the journey, but it sure is nice to feel like a valued employee, for a change.


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