need another weekend…

Yep, it’s one ot those weekends where I need another weekend to recover from this one before I head back to work tomorrow.

So not gonna happen…

Wish I could say it’s a great weekend I need to recover from, but no, unfortunately it’s been one of those FOO (family of origin) weekends from hell.

My elderly mother is moving this weekend. My elderly, alcoholic mother who had several mini-strokes around Christmastime last year.

Her new place is not ready yet. Her old place has been leased to a new tenant.

Guess where mom is staying for the next couple of weeks? Yeah, in my spare bedroom, the one that  I’ve used as an overgrown storage closet for years. The room I’ve avoided clearing out for the past 3 years because that’s where I had the memorabilia from my imploded life.

Sigh…no, more like giant sigh…

Oh, and as icing on the cake, as I’m heaving containers and boxes out of the spare room this morning, what do I find but the picture of my dad and his mistress. The picture I found when we were clearing out his stuff after he died. The picture I hid from my mom 30 something years ago.

Yep, this weekend fucking sucks.


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