life is full of twisty turns…

had a serious discussion with my boyfriend tonight, about the future. we’ve skirted the issue before, and talked in generalities. we haven’t made what you’d call definite plans, but we’ve certainly had our hopes aimed towards a specific outcome/location.

turns out, that may not be an option after all. we have to wait and see, and that decision/choice/what-have-you is nothing either of us have any control over. it will be what it is, and then we’ll move forward from there once we know. all we can do right now is wait, and since this is way more about my boyfriend than it is about me, I will be as supportive of him as I can be.

the thing is though, if we don’t get the outcome/location we were edging slowly towards, it means the possibilities…well, might be a little mind-boggling. not in a bad way, just in the “who knew we’d have these choices?” kind of way.

possibilities…potential…leaps out of comfort zones.

could get interesting. 😉



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