so, where were we?…

oh yeah, feeling rejected about not hearing back about getting an interview…

turns out, I did eventually get a call to set up an interview for that job. went on the interview, thought it went pretty well. then…crickets…I checked back with the staffing agency after a week, and they hadn’t heard anything either. Oh well, it will either come out of the blue, or it won’t.

so, onward and upward. I’ve been applying to more jobs. I’m going to an open house for yet another staffing agency one day next week, and I’ve got an email from a different staffing agency (in response to submitting an app) suggesting I call and set up an appointment with them. I’ll see how the open house goes first.

my job  is getting…I’d say unbearable, except my “don’t give a damn” switch clicked on last week, and I’m no longer invested. So I go, enjoy talking to my co-workers, get done whatever it is I can get done, and go home. I’ve become very adept at apologizing to clients yet at the same time making them aware that it’s really not me that’s at fault. It’s the best I can do. Really, what I want to tell them all is:


Sound familiar? lol Yeah, it’s funny how what I learned dealing with infidelity can also be applied to other aspects of my life, like work. But there are some lessons that are definitely worth carrying over. Lesson #1 – don’t settle for less than I am worth. Lesson#2 – don’t make someone a priority when they’re only willing to make you an option.

One of the things I’ve been working on personally is learning what is “good enough.” I spent way too many years not attempting to do things because of the fear I couldn’t do them perfectly. It’s a form of paralysis, really. Things/projects/ideas suddenly become overwhelming, and not begun, because they won’t get done “right.”

Well, guess what? Life keeps happening, no matter whether something is done perfectly, or good enough, or not at all. The thing is, life is more enjoyable when projects/ideas aren’t looming overhead, being overwhelming. Life is more enjoyable when you stop waiting for the perfect time to do whatever it is you’re planning to do. So I’m letting myself be “good enough.” Who I am, right now, at this very moment, is good enough.

But this started out being about my job, and the company I work for. Their concept of “good enough”? Oh, it sucks. In no way, shape, or form should good enough mean half-assed. I may not be perfect, but I’m a hell of a lot better than half-assed.

Come to think about it, actually I’m pretty darn close to perfect, imperfections and all, just the way I am. 🙂  Those that don’t realize it, yep, their loss not mine…


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