seriously, big-ass university?

do you have to make it so damn difficult to simply talk to an adviser about returning to finish my degree? how many hoops do you want me to jump through, because frankly, I don’t have a lot of patience for games like that any more.

yes, I get that since I declared a major all those many years ago I need to talk to an adviser with that college. that I don’t have a problem with. you having limited appointments to speak with said advisers, only opening those spots up a week at a time, where I can only make the appointment online, and then continually telling me there’s an error in my request without telling me where the error is…yeah, that I have a problem with.

seriously, all I need to find out is if my credits are still good, and is it possible to switch to another option within the degree (one that wasn’t offered all those years ago) without having to start completely over. if I can get the answers to my questions, I promise I won’t bug you again until I complete enough courses to get close enough to graduate. that is, if it’s possible. if it’s not, then I won’t bug you again at all. I’ll go somewhere else that doesn’t make me jump through so many hoops.


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