discovery day 3

I found his secret cell phone. my gut had been telling me something was off for a long time now, but even after everything, I ignored so many red flags. I guess I finally got to the point where not knowing was worse than finding out for sure.

he had the phone hidden in his truck.

I posted this on SI: I left the house, then went through the phone, even went to the phone store to find out when the number was activated.
when I came home, I told husband that if he wanted a divorce, he could have one. I also mentioned that I’d take him for every cent I could get out of him so if he thought he’d have a happy new life, he should think again.

when I went to the cell phone store, I found out he’d had the phone since February. So for at least 5 months, while I thought we both were working on putting our marriage back together, he was still cheating on me.

I can’t believe I was such a fool, again.


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