weird dream – the "I" elevator

All I can say is my mind must work in really weird ways and I don’t think I want to know about it.

I had a dream last night in which I kept getting shuffled from room to room. I think I was waiting for some sort of appointment. Sometimes I was alone in the room, another time I had 2 IRL friends with me, in another room I was on the phone with someone. The last room I was in was definitely a waiting room, like for a doctor.

At that point, I was pissed that my time was being wasted and decided to leave. I strode out of there in my sassy skirt and high heels (and looked damn good in them too 😉 and went to find the elevators. When I found them, I got directed past several of the elevators and was pointed towards the “I” elevator. Yep, it has a big capital letter I over it.

I was still asking if it was an express elevator to the bottom floor when I found myself in it with 3 other women. The elevator started moving and we suddenly realized we could see out of the sides. We were surrounded by water, which then started coming into the elevator. The water came up to about my waist before the elevator changed direction and the water started to drain out of it. I think I remember the elevator stopping right before I woke up but I don’t know where it stopped. It definitely was not at the bottom floor though, since the elevator had gone sideways after going through the water.

I’m just weird, aren’t I?


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