not sure how wise this was

but since I couldn’t sleep last night, I decided to write husband a note, asking him to set aside time for us to really talk this weekend. It’s time to stop skirting the issue of the details I need to know. I think we’re both past the point where we’ve processed the initial shock – me of finding out, him of being caught. The longer we put off the next step, the harder it becomes.

I left the note in a place I knew he’d find it this morning. I know he read it but he didn’t say anything about it before he left for work. It doesn’t really matter, we’ll be having this conversation this weekend, one way or another. I had just hoped to make it easier on him by giving him a few days to think about it rather than just spring it on him sometime this weekend after I have too much to drink. I also kind of hope, but without any expectations of it, that perhaps now he’ll initiate the conversation.

Now I just need to figure out what I really need to know and what I can live without asking about.


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